Surveying Services

All the services listed create topographic maps whether its from the air by plane, drone, satellite imagery, underwater using hydrographic/bathymetric techniques or on the surface using robotic total stations or HD 3d scanners.   Pick your service and let us know how we can assist you.

High Quality Land, Sea and Air Services — San Francisco Bay Area
By Professional Land Surveyor Meridian Surveying


Meridian Surveying Engineering has a long history of satisfying Commercial and Government clients since its founding in 1989. We currently provide on-call services for many commercial, local Government Agencies and Cities. We typically specialize in Quality Assurance issues and “putting out fires”, particularly when there is a time sensitive issue.


A GIS like any structure is only as good as its foundation. An experienced Professional Land Surveyor should be an integral part of any GIS team. We can work with you, regardless of the format you choose to create and maintain an accurate GIS. Meridian has GIS experience on many projects including:

  • Survey Team Leader on San Francisco GIS project – including 1st order Photo control and GPS survey.
  • Survey Team Leader on Novato and Petaluma Sanitary Sewer Management Plan and Asset Management System with RMA/ICOMMM.
  • Survey Team Leader on numerous metric quality GIS base mapping projects and feasibility studies for projects throughout the bay area including Chabot Science Observatory, Reed Union School District schools, Novato development projects, Harding Park golf course renovation, Conservatory of Flowers Golden Gate Park and Stege Sanitary District.

You are our Core business and we specialize in boundary and Title issues. We recognize that your property is very likely your single most important asset and you will probably only hire a Professional Land Surveyor once in your lifetime. We take the time to understand & define your issues so you can choose the right approach & product. We work with you to carefully define the scope of work in our Services Agreement. Our extensive education, experience, equipment and training help us to define & meet your needs saving both time and money.


Meridian Surveying Engineering Inc. is a full service hydrographic surveying firm providing high quality surveys under the direction of a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor. As such, we are able to provide high quality, seamless data that includes both hydrographic data and integrated land data solutions including boundary location (if applicable). In addition, we can provide Independent certification of dredge quantities as required by government agencies.


MSE, INC provides on-going Expert Witness, Litigation Support and Mediation Services for cases requiring the expertise, education and experience of a California Professional Land Surveyor.

Our Principal, Stanley T. Gray, PLS has provided support services for cases including accident scene documentation & analysis, photo analysis, slope analysis; dispute mediation, "standard of care issues", construction errors & omissions, encroachment and all types of Title, boundary and easement issues.