Common Questions

Do You Have Surveying Questions? — Our Land Surveyors give Professional Answers for Aerial, Hydrographic, Commercial and any other Surveys.


Q: What does a Surveyor do and how do they do it?
A: How the Profession Serves the Public may answer some of your basic questions.

Q: I don’t want a Record of Survey why do I have to have one?
A: Civil Code Section 8762 should answer your questions about why and when a Record of Survey is required. Please note that Section 8762 uses the word SHALL FILE a Record of Survey when any of items (a-e) are encountered. A Record of Survey is not optional in any of those cases. In some cases a Record of Survey may be triggered as an additional service as a result of evidence found during the field survey.

Q: Do you perform all types of surveys?
A: In general, YES. SERVICES include Hydrographic Surveys and Aerial (Photogrammetric) Surveys. If we don’t offer a service we will be happy to refer you to a specialist.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Send us your Title Report and/or Plans and describe your issue or what you are doing. We’ll research it and give you a price and timeline. REQUEST A SURVEY

Q: Why does it cost so much for a survey?
A: The CLSA brochure answers this question, but in a nutshell there is a lot going on behind the scenes to enable a Professional Land Surveyor to perform surveys in addition to liability, experience and knowledge.

Q: How quickly can you do it?
A: Tell us your timeline – we can run up to 4 crews and in an emergency can sometimes help the same day. We will not do any work without a signed Agreement for Professional Services.

Q: Will you take sides in a disagreement?
A: No, the Surveyor surveys what your Title Company insures while protecting the rights of all adjoining property owners and the Public Right-Of-Way. The Surveyor reports just the facts pro or con. Obviously the Surveyor works for you and will perform the scope of services under the Agreement for Professional Services. If it is a court case you might want your attorney to be the Client to maintain confidentiality.

Q: I can’t find my Title Report. How do I get one?
A: If you know the name of your Title Company you may call them, ask for customer service and ask them to email/fax you a copy of your existing Report. Note that if it says “Preliminary Title Report” they should now issue you a Report that says “Policy of Title Insurance”. The Preliminary Report was just a draft and is not your actual Policy. The Surveyor is not liable for any errors or omissions in a Preliminary Title Report.

Q: I’m not comfortable giving you my Title Report. Why do you need it?
A: The Surveyor is liable for surveying what your Title Company insures. Your Title Report also contains key contact information which will aid in research and to resolve any Title issues or typical PROBLEMS that may surface. It also contains exceptions such as easements which would not necessarily show up in the grant deed. You would not want a Surveyor to miss an easement that affects your property (only to discover it an inopportune time later).

Q: I don’t have a loan and therefore do not have Title insurance. What should I send you?
A: Send a copy of your grant deed and any easements or other documents you are aware of. We may still need you to engage a Title Company depending on your project needs.

Q: I have an old Survey and other documents. Do you want copies of them?
A: Yes. Any and all relevant documents should be provided to the Surveyor along with any personal knowledge you have about the history of your land.

Q: Do I have to file a Record of Survey after the survey is complete?
A: Yes, to repeat - if a survey is performed and certified that discloses any of items (a- e) listed in Section 8762 the Surveyor SHALL FILE a Record of Survey.