China Camp State Park

China Camp State Park became a state park in 1976. Before it was a state park it was a Chinese fishing village popular for its shrimp harvest. Due to pollution many of the inhabitants left the area and the 36 acre park was bought by the California State Parks Foundation to preserve its history and ecosystem. Today, the park offers several trails to hike or drive. China Camp State Park is located right on the shore of the San Pablo Bay, so you can enjoy a nice waterfront view while you walk. Besides the waterfront, the park is also densely lined with trees and wildlife. It offers places for recreational activities like lunch areas for picnics and an area for camping. It is open for day-use all year round and is a fairly decent price to camp there. The most commonly used trails are Shoreline Trail and Peacock Gap Trail. They are dog-friendly, though they must be kept on a leash at all times, and are trails perfect for the average person.