Meridian provides aerial photography and aerial lidar for government, commercial and residential projects.

Meridian works as part of the project team to clearly define the end use and accuracy for the mission. We then recommend and implement the  correct techology to meet the clients accuracy requirements. Meridian has worked extensively throughout California and in Saipan on aerial missions (both conventional and LiDAR). Meridian has completed projects for City of San Francisco, Obyan Beach Resort (Saipan), commerical apartment complexes, reservoir modeling linked to hydrograhic, FERC transmission line surveys, commercial plants, commercial development, etc. True GNSS GPS is utilized for short and large area aerial control networks.

Mr. Gray has a BS in Surveying and Photogrammetry.  Sites greater than 5 acres in size typically benefit financially from low altitude metric quality photogrammetry as It is more cost effective to map large areas from the air than on the ground.     A typical County GIS contains aerial photography with contours but the accuracy is not sufficient for design.   That is where Photogrammetry comes in and it is quite reasonable in price.    You absolutely want a survey grade metric quality base map for your project. 

Meridian will work with you to specify the level of accuracy, contour interval and detail you are looking for.    Meridian coordinates and provides the aerial ground control on the correct vertical and horizontal datum for your project.   Meridian has completed hundreds of aerial surveys over the last 26 years for major projects throughout Northern California from the High Sierras to the Coast.   Meridian performs quality assurance checks and can supplement the aerial photography with conventional survey crews or HD 3d Scanning in areas that require higher levels of accuracy or areas that were obstructed from the air.   

A good example is that you cannot do ADA design from metric quality photogrammetry (because neither the vertical nor horizontal accuracy are good enough).  ADA areas need to be identified as critical with limit lines and a ground based survey crew has to supplement the aerial with ground survey data.  Aerial Photography is different than basic satellite imagery because it is carefully controlled to remove vertical and horizontal errors.  

You can specify the accuracy and then the flight, camera and mapping are tailor made to meet your specification.   Use Meridian.